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COVID-19 has exposed thousands of businesses, both large and small, for having inadequate capital reserves and within 90 days they were destroyed. COVID-19 also wiped-out the consumer economy of the United States which represents 70% of the economy. For the business they cannot pay their bills nor employees: For the consumer they have no income and cannot make purchases. Both groups are in dispare and require capital infusions to survive the COVID-19 Pandemic. (Texas SBA® actuaries forcast the economic effects of this COVID-19 Pandemic will last until at least First Quarter 2022.)

Sell your business to Texas SBA® and eliminate the pain and uncertainty being caused by COVID-19. We understand your company was successful prior to COVID-19 and the collapse of your business was not caused by management, but a cash flow shortage. Get paid for the business you built and free yourself to pursue other endeavors with a pocket full of cash.

Texas SBA® has vast resources in both government and commercial sectors; domestic and international communities; in addition to a strong treasury. Selling your business to Texas SBA® during this COVID-19 Pandemic could be the smartest decision made by any business owner with rewards of cash-in-hand and personal freedom.
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If you intend to stay in business during the COVID-19 Pandemic we advise you obtain Texas SBA® Business Certification as a mechanism for survival and community support. Get Certified.


HB 483 was signed into law June 12, 2015, and became the first precious metals depository with management oversight from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. All Depository Account Holder accounts are 100% insured by underwriter Lloyd's of London Insurance Marketplace with storage in fully segregated in Class III vaulting at Leander, Texas.

With $350 Billion in capacity for 7,500 pounds of gold and 41 million ounces of silver, Texas Bullion Depository® competes directly against Ft. Knox as a physical storage facility for Gold, Silver, Platiunum, and Palladium.

DISCLAIMER: Texas SBA® is not affiliated with Texas Bullion Depository® and receives no compensation for this public notice. Texas SBA® provides this information for educational purposes only and illustrates Everything is Bigger & Better in Texas!