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  • State of Texas Legislation

  • Since 1846, the Texas legslature has convened for regular session every two years and within this 140 day period approximately 1,200 bills are introduced to ammend, repeal, or create new law. It is during this time when every House Member, Senator, and their offices including the Lt. Governor's availability is limited and the value of relationships can determine a bill's success or failure. Texas SBA® is the most prominent trade group for small business and works closely with decision-makers in both legislative and regulatory matters. (97% of All Business in Texas is Classified as Small Business.)

    Approximately 2,000 individuals are recognized by the Texas Ethics Commission to lobby all 150 House Members, 31 Senators, the Lieutenant Governor and their offices for the direct-benefit of thier personal or corporate client. These specialists in the art of influence and legislation are entrusted to educate government officials on bills standing before the legislature, both in-and-out of session. Although the regular session is only 140 days bi-annually, Texas SBA® lobbyist work year-round endorsing the legislative motives of our clients.

    Texas SBA® Lobbying Services are available for hire to both (1) private individuals and (2) for-profit corporations. Non-U.S. Citizens and Non-U.S. Corporations are also eligible to benefit from the relationships and power established by Texas SBA® throughtout Texas government. Schedule your confidential consultation with a Texas SBA® lobbyist to discuss how legislation can advance your personal and corporate objectives. Consultation Calendar

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  • State of Texas Government Contracts

  • During every legislative session the biennium budget (ie. 2 year) is certified for state operations and usually surpasses US $100 Billion. Also impressive is the "AAA" credit rating for the State of Texas and her creation of the Gold Bullion Depository to directly compete against Ft. Knox. Since inception Texas has earned the respect and trust of the world's financial community and this is illustrated by our US $1.8 Trillion economy. (The Texas economy is larger than Canada, Russia, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Mexico, and Indoneia which all have over a US $1 Trillion GDP.)

    Almost all businesses, both for-profit and especially non-profits, (1) market their company's goods and services hoping to generate prospects; for (2) a salesperson to convert into a customer; (3) who then usually gets billed on net-30 terms; and (4) without concern for creditworthiness, as their business-model for corporate profitability and owner wealth. While this managerial practice has allowed such companies to survive, they are only participating in the consumer and / or business-to-business economy while simultaenously forfeiting the much larger and stronger marketplace of government purchasing. (As an aside, typical net-30 terms are interest-free which costs the vendor interest income and cash flow while also increasing their bad debts expense; credit / debit card payments cost the merchant up to 3% per transaction plus chargeback exposure; and cash payments incur the risk of theft and banking disclosures.)

    State of Texas has over 500 agencies and purchases a variety of items from (1) individuals, (2) small businesses, (3) domestic and interntational corporations including foreign-citizens. The government's desired purchases and tenders are broadcasted publicly for the world to see and include the (1) desired item, (2) quantity, (3) purchase price, (4) vendor fulfillment schedule, (5) pay date calendar, and (6) criteria for vendor qualification. Merchant applications or bids are accepted in bulk and sorted through as one selects fruit at the farmer's market. Luck of the draw is the marketing strategy for most non-successful applicants in the government procurement marketplace.

    True professionals in government contrating (1) hire a dedicated employee to administer their contracting affairs and / or (2) hire a procurement lobbyist to speak directly with the state's purchasing manager and office. Texas SBA® procurement lobbyist are recognized by the Texas Ethicis Commission to communicate with procurement officials across 500 agencies on behalf our client(s). (Approximately 2,000 individuals hold this status.) Schedule your confidential consultation with a Texas SBA® procurement lobbyist to discuss how government purchasing can financially benefit your business. Consultation Calendar

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Texas SBA® provides "friend of the court" briefs on business-related matters before (1) Texas Statuatory County Courts, (2) Texas Court of Appeals, (3) the Supreme Court of Texas, (4) U.S. Federal District Courts of Texas (ie. Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western), and (5) the U.S. Federal Fifth Circuit of Appeals. We also provide this service for actions adjudicated by the American Arbitration Association®.

Amicus Briefs written by Texas SBA® are based in the real-world application of varied business practices. Our experience providing commercial support to Texas' 2.6 million small business community and our Texas SBA® international operations provides an education that very few organizations have aquired. With this unique skill set many consider our agency "experts" in commercialism as we inform and advise judge(s) as to matters of fact or law that otherwise might escape their purview. This pedagogy can help minimize the risk of error in judgment as your case (ie. Plaintiff; Defendant; Claimant; Repondent) is heard in the state of Texas.

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